Payment Methods


We usually advise most of our clients to choose one of the most reliable and quickest ways to get their payment across to us once Products have been added to the cart. Most clients both old and new prefer paying with cryptocurrency which ensures both safety and discreetness. Here is how you can get some.


How To Buy Bitcoin Online


We sometimes offer up to 10% discount when our clients choose to pay in BTC. We believe in money for the people by the people without any regulations or the government tracking every single transaction so we advise you to pay with bitcoin.

To Pay With bitcoins you can buy them directly from your Verified Cashapp account and use that to make your payment. You will have to copy the wallet address you receive when checking out and paste it into your Cashapp to send. Watch the video to see how.


Now you got the bitcoins, Here Is how to send them to our Bitcoin Wallet.



How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Or Debit Card


If for some reason you can’t have your Cashapp send bitcoin then use the following website to safely buy bitcoin online like you would buy groceries on Amazon. 


Pay With Moneygram


Here on you can also choose to make your payment using MoneyGram if your order is over $400. You will get the payment details after you place your order.